By Joel Johuanchi.

We live lives based upon selected fictions. Our view of reality os conditioned by out position in space and time – not by our personalities as we like to think. Thus every interpretation of reality is based upon a unique position. Two paces east or west and the whole picture is changed.
Laurence Durrell.

From the very first time my father got me in the path of Ayahuasca, more than eighteen years ago, many people ask me what Ayahuasca means to me.

It is a teacher, mother, doctor, for she teaches, guides and heals us. I’ve been drinking ayahuasca for a very long time, for countless number of times, however I can’t know it all and in fact, I don’t know anything, I am still learning everyday from the teacher that teaches me the things I need to learn and not the other way arround. Every experience with Ayahuasca is very different from the other. I believe that everything, from the smallest and ephemeral thing to the most trascendental are a complete teaching.

Drinking Ayahuasca is a communion to me, a communion that opens the doors to our own reality and to others we are not used to; the notion of space and time are lost during this period. The visions and effects we experience in an Ayahuasca ceremony are processes of learning. When we ask with will, patiente, faith and respect, Ayahuasca protects us and teaches us, she shows us the origins of our ailments. This is the virtue and wisdom held in Ayahuasca. She teaches you what you need, she will heal in you what needs to be cured, she guides you through wherever it is yo need to go.

The things you live in the magical world of Ayahuasca are real, as real as the world we walk through most of our time. In the Ayahuasca world our senses are sharpened so that we can understand our own nature; by entering this realm we can talk to our inner selves an walk other dimensions that are also useful as teachers and guides.

The things that happen in the intimacy of our being under the effects of Ayahuasca are a process of purification for our minds, spirits and bodies; we contact ourselves through a mirror, and this way we assume the responsability we have with ourselves. Transformation can occur during this process.

From the experience I have acquired through the years, I say that this is not about understanding or explaining an Ayuahuasca experience, for the most we try to understand the less we learn. I believe that the experiences in altered states of conscience are not meant to be explained, but to be felt within ourselves. My experiences with Ayahuasca have been diverse. I got the chance of understanding my first Ayahuasca vision after eight years. Everything experienced in an Ayahuasca ceremony has something to teach. In other words: the search of knowledge from a vision, however, in many of my experiences I did not have any kind of visions whatsoever, no extraordinary trips… but despite that Mother Ayahuasca has taught me many things. An spiritual experience gives life to our feelings and opens our hearts, so that we can learn to discover ourselves.

Before I can finnish with these paragraphs, I must mention that for us to drink Ayahuasca, we need to be prepared at a physical, mental and spiritual level. We need discipline, and every discipline requires work, that way we will receive the magic of Ayahuasca in our bodies. We need to get rid of some habits to get into this other world. The Teacher Ayahuasca demands a purified body. I would like to know further details, but I will stop here to continue these paragraphs in other ocation.