Western culture has lost its connection with nature and the supernatural forces, therefore, medicine is no longer using natural products to treat ailments of physical and spiritual origin. Chemistry is now taking the place of ancestral healing rituals. However, societies deeply bounded to their environment and natural medicine can still be found in the Amazon, this kind of medicine is based in the use of plants through rituals carried out by a spiritual healer (WATOKAPERI).

All the elements in the Amazon are beautifully harmonized with each other; these mantain a permanent and perfect balance between flora, fauna, human and cosmic beings. Being this wonderful, the Amazon allows us to find our own balance between ourselves and the physical and spiritual realm; on this balance depend; ourselves, flora, fauna, cosmic beings, and our connection with the four elements; earth, water, air, and fire. Those who inhabit these lands have found in these entities the perfect equilibrium and consider nature a living being, not a biology laboratory. For the inhabitants of the Amazon nature is alive. This is the message full of wisdom and magical-religious philosophy that the ancient protectors have left for us.

The understanding of these traditional values leads us into a magical and spiritual World where the most important thing is spiritual connection, which will help us to transcend and find balance between the four fundamental aspects of the human being: Spiritual, Physical, Mental and Affective. This balance is achieved by using all the things that Mother Nature gives us, whether it is the Master Healing Plants, the energy of the great spirits and interaction with nature. Through rituals and meditation on nature, we can use our psychological faculties. Understanding the spiritual aspect of nature takes us beyond the comprehension of what our eyes can see and understand, however, we can still feel through the essence of our hearts and inner selves.

Joel Jahuanchi