Information about Ayahuasca

Mother Ayahuasca is known under different names in the languages of the towns in the Amazon, such as Burawehiak (Harakmbut people), Kamarampi (Matsigenka), Oni (Shipibo), Nanten (Shuar) and Nixipae (Cashinahua), is a holy beverage. Not a “hallucinogen”. Mother, doctor and teacher ayahuasca comes from the amazonic jungle, is known and used in an ancestral way by the indigenous amazonic towns; which consider her the spirit of nature. It constitutes the foundation of spirituality, shamanism, traditional medicine, chamanism and indigenous Cosmo vision.

In Brazil is denominated Caapi, its scientific name. In Ecuador is called Natema; Yaje in Colombia, in the Andes and the Peruvian Amazon is called Ayahuasca.

This word is of Quechua origin and means “rope that unites the world of the living ones with the world of the spirits”. The literal translation would be Aya – Death/ Huasca – Rope or drunkenness, due to the dizziness it causes once one drinks it.

According to researches made in the Ecuatorian forest, the use of ayahuasca goes back to approximately 5.000 years; its knowledge survives in the magical – religious therapeutic field of the indigenous towns of the Amazon. Ayahuasca is used to make the connection with magical worlds, in the “expansion of the conscience”, since it has a spirit. Boiled with the leaves of a shrub called Chacruna (Psychotria viridis), datura, tobacco or coca and others can also be added to this beverage

There are 700 different ways of preparing Ayahuasca in the western slope of the amazon; every indigenous culture that inhabits this vast territory has its own way of conceiving Ayahuasca.

A sacred origin is given to ayahuasca, as well as to other plants. In some towns the origin is magical, “the story tells that the vine was a man from the sky and chacruna a beautiful woman from the earth, they got married and when they were about to die, they swore that together would always teach and cure the human beings, from the man’s grave the ayahuasca vine grew up and from the woman’s chakruna was born.

To some towns in the amazon, the ayahuasca vine “is the one that gives strength and chakruna the vision”. The beverage is drunk in purification, learning and healing ceremonies.

It is used to purify and to cure the spirit, the body, the mind and the emotions, which it takes us to a magic reality and to the state of superior conscience. Which show us realities that cannot be observed in an ordinary state of mind, which might be defined as the visible thing of what’s invisible and the rational thing of what’s irrational. From the connection with the magic and spiritual worlds to which ayahuasca connects us, conscience of the existence in its real meaning is acquired. It is a subliminal mystical experience, in which the conscious human being can modify the essence of his/her being.

In this context, the spirit of Ayahuasca heals us, teaches us and guides us so we can be able to face up to our difficulties. It allows to understand the harmony with Mother Nature, with other beings and the universe, as well as to reconcile with our own existence.

In the indigenous towns where ayahuasca is present it is said that: “you are going to see and understand with the spirit of ayahuasca”. Ayahuasca allows us to be aware of our spiritual potentialities.

Ceremonies and Rituals with Ayahuasca

Within the traditional contexts of use of ayahuasca, there are some requirements to fulfil in order to participate in a ceremony, those are: the diet that must be done before and after the consumption of the beverage; sexual abstinence and the no red meat diet, specially pig; you must also avoid alcoholic drinks seven days before the ritual. It is a process that implies the preparation of the body. Before ingesting ayahuasca, people should go through a process of purification that includes purges with plants and baths with aromatic plants, all of this with the purpose of purifying the mind, spirit and body and be ready for the ceremony.

The ceremonies of ayahuasca are carried out at night time, in Darkness the ceremonies cause a profound action in the body, mind, emotions and spirit, allowing us to confront and conquer our deepest fears, revitalizing vital energies and awake a superior level of conscience, all of this with the objective of opening ourselves to our “inner teacher”. The ceremony opens a relation   with spirituality that will last for ever.

The ingestion of Ayahuasca does not produce any kind of dependence; in fact it cures addictions to cocaine and alcohol. In Peru and Brazil there are other centers such as Takiwasi (San Martin – Peru) that treat that kind of dependencies with ayahuasca.

The magical plant, Ayahuasca, contains natural chemicals that provoke intense visions sharply sensitizing your senses. These and other effects drive the human conscience to new states of mind; inexplicable and mysterious but revealing and wonderful at the same time.

Ayahuasca as a medicine

Ayahuasca is used as a medicine so that the person can acquire awareness of his problems in their real significance. By planning the mystical experience of drinking ayahuasca, we can influence the very essence of our most intimate personality at will, perfecting it in at our favour. From the ayahuasca ceremonies it is also possible to conceive, the physical healing of some illnesses. It gives health and well-being, vitality and energy.

States provoked by ayahuasca.

Description of some of the mystical and spiritual states of connection provoked by teacher Ayahuasca:

Introspection and retrogression: when someone consumes ayahuasca the first thing that this person does is go through a reflection process on his/her own being, which is considered to be the examination of the soul (self-contemplation, recognition of the evolution of our being).

Retrogression: In the ayahuasca ceremony, a person can remember past phases in life, solve conflicts, which allows to get connected and to recognize you better. Past, forgotten or repressed experiences may return to the conscience as a real remembrance. That way the conflicts or tensions in our being are dissolved and a restructuration and healing of personality takes place.

Religious, magical experience

Ascension to the sky (to what’s divine) through a spiritual recognition

Transcendental experiences that increase the receptivity and mystical communion with the universe

Astral trip, peregrination of the soul, out of the physical body

Super cosmic conscience, Omniscient intellectual lighting

Expression of cerebral functions that is usually asleep, sharpening of the senses, intense memory, exhaustive analysis, development of the intuition.

Animation of extra sensory faculties

Telepathy, clairvoyance, precognitive manifestations and path to a divine context

Increase of the conscience.

Liberation of the spirit to raise the conscience and knowledge to higher levels and perspectives

Awareness of the body, its processes and movements, improved capability of relaxation, health and well being, vitality and energy; helps to get over interpersonal difficulties; acceptation, tolerance and respect for others; capability of giving and thanking; capability to trust others and to be honest; higher interpersonal conscience empathy and kindness; improves the relationships of family and couples. The connection with the magical dimension of ayahuasca and the experience was described as the contact with an “inner guide”.

These mental manifestations (introspection, regression, etc.) show randomly but with the preponderance of some of them. Every experience with ayahuasca is totally different of other.

Stages of the session of ayahuasca

Uncomfortable sensations vertigo nausea, fears and repressed paranoia

Solution to conflicts, peace and harmony

Deep reflection analysis and introspection

Vomit, diarrhea, sweat and other effects of purification can be present during a session that is the way teacher ayahuasca heals, teaches and guides. However, all of this process is relative; we can find what’s magical in only one session of ayahuasca, but we can also have several sessions with vomits and diarrhea without understanding or finding anything.

There is no good or bad session, but misunderstood. It is easier to drink ayahuasca; the hard thing is to understand what comes afterwards… The challenge of the person is understand the real meanings of the visions that ayahuasca shows us and be able of using this learning in our daily lives, therefore, we always recommend our clients that before having a session they should not have “marvellous and magical” expectations of the experiences of other people, because the result is not always the same since every person has their own experience with ayahuasca.

There is nothing more wrong than expecting something out of a session, since keeping your attention in a mental hope will not give room to whatever shows up at the moment of truth… Before having a ceremony it is recommended to keep a mind free of prejudices and fears and having the heart open. You must prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.