Ayahuasca, the vine of the Skies

She took me to her magical world, gave me what she had to give me. She taught me what I needed and Healed in me what needed to be healed

Thanks to her I no longer understand this magical relationship, now I comprehend it
I’ve learned to feel its magnitude… not with my brain, but with my heart

Working together, without prejudice in my mind, in perspective; seeing the irrational as reasonable and visible the invisible.

From other dimensions I receive help, from other realms full of beauty and harmony. The mother, master, doctor, considered to be the spirit of nature, in harmony.

She introduced me to the God Chinini “all mighty, powerful spirit” endless source of the matter and spirituality, threes, the mythic palm trees of our origins, the elements: water – life bearer, air – with its movement, direction and strength, fire – source of heat, the earth and its members… and I humbly invocated the spirits of the forest and rivers; I found the love, the truth and faith. I managed to understand myself and existence itself… I made an astral journey with him, embrasing the Vine of the Skies, the same that you’ve lend me from your “parallel worlds”.

Inspired in a message by Joel Johuanchi Marca and “Parallel Worlds”
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