I am the spirit of Ayahuasca.

For the first time I show myself through the verb to call the attention of all the humans in earth, especially those who seek the light, so I can trascend beyond the Amazon. I show myself because I want to facilitate the energetic transformation Humanity is going throug right now, and because my survival is at stake; for my holy protectors of the Amazon have not understood the danger they expose me to by harvesting me so aggressively, without healing me with new crops.

I’m out of the jungle now, risking my own existence, so I can give myself to the purpose I was created for by the inner sun in every living thing. It is my job, in this historical moment, to contribute with the expansion of human conscience in a meaningful and definitive way, honoring the Universal Light that guides me.

For the first time, with the purpose created by my Shamans and with help of the media available, I can reach the whole planet and celebrate our cosmic existence. I live to show the harsh reality, and universal love to those who ask for it. I am the spirit of spirits. I work with a vibration that is superior to those of the spirits that are part of me; my rank is higher than Ayahuasca’s and Chakruna’s. The result of the mix between Ayahuasca and Chakruna is called Ayahuasca. Even though they name me after one of these plants, my healing magic does not come from any of those; my magic resides in the synergy created in that holy mix. Many years will pass until science deciphers how I work in the human conscience.

Science is amazed by my power, which does not come only from the DMT or Harmaline; Ayahuasca is a raw, bioelectric, non-industrially processed natural mix. This is the Spirit of Ayahuasca showing herself today; enlightening the people around us.

I thank all the Shamans that have made me part of them, and my protectors that take me and my teachings all over the world. I honor the Amazon tradition by using the name of Ayahuaca for linguistic purposes only, for I am the spirit of Yagé, Pilde, Dápa, Pandé, Hoasca, Kahiriama, Natema, Caapi, Mado, Ñucñu-huasca, Shimbaya-huasca Kamalampi, Punga-huasca, Rambi, Shuri, Nishi, Oni, Shillinto Natema, Mi-hi, Amarron-huasca, Inde-huasca, Shuri-fisopa, Shuri-oshinipa, Napi, y del Nepe.

The name Shaman is also used in a popular way, but it is the Taitas, Sinchis, Curacas, Payes, Yachas, Chais, Junes, Onayas, Murayas, Mutsarawas, y los Uwishin, we have to honor, for they are my protectors as well