The Wanamey Group carries out “Spiritual Retreats and Ayahuasca Diets” for five days. The participants will be able to know and experience the goods of the spiritual medicine, especially those of mother Ayahuasca; this way, they will start their own path into harmony, physical, mental, and emotional health.

The retreats are made for people that look for serious and reflexive bonds with the teacher plants. They must have deep motivations in order to heal their body and discover the paths to self-growth, spiritual and emotional balance.

We ask the participants for will, patience and faith, for through these principles we will achieve a harmonic relationship with Mother Nature in order to grow with “our feet on the ground and our heads in the sky”.

The retreats imply personalized attention, integration, consulting and personalized guidance.

We demand discipline before and during the Retreat, especially when it comes to fulfilling given food restrictions (low salt and sugar content), fast and resting hours in our huts.

Objectives of the Spiritual Retreat and Ayahuasca Diets:

Physical and Spiritual Cleanse

Lineament of our Spiritual Body

Personal evolution – self discovery

The Following Activities will be developed during the Spiritual Retreat

A purification ritual using purging plants an tobacco. The plants will be ingested as a beverage and the tobacco will be blown into the nostrils of the participant.

Purification baths in the river.

Baths with aromatic and purifying plants

Ingestion of different infusions of medicinal plants

Three Ayahuasca ceremonies will take place. “Ayahuasca is called Doctor because she heals, Master because she teaches and Mother because she guides, Knowledge and Vision”.

We will make visits to the forest of Wanamey Spiritual Growth Centre

The Retreat includes lodging and feeding at Wanamey Spiritual Growth Centre (located at Pilccopata, Manu Biosphere, Cusco – Peru)

Preparation Diet:

“Spirituality and Ayahuasca are methods that require discipline so that we can acquire health, power and personal growth”.

For us to learn from the Master Plants our body needs to be purified and harmonized. The participant must fulfil the following recommendations seven days before attending the Ayahuasca Retreat:

Reduce the excess of salt and sugar in their foods

Do not eat any kind of meats, especially Red and Pig

Do not drink coffe or sodas

Sexual abstention

Do not consume drugs and alcohol before and during the retreat.

Consider the following counter indications

Pregnant or menstruating women and people with heart diseases will not be able to participate in the Ayahuasca Ritual