Ayahuasca is not a fugitive pleasure, seedless venture or adventure for Wiracochas.

Ayahuasca is a door, not to escape, but to enter this and other natures, to walk the endless provinces of night.

The light of Ayahuasca does not explain things, but reveals misteries.

Ayahuasca irrigates the unknown lands, and that’s her way of enlightening.

Whenever needed, Ayahuasca is the edge of a Stone knife.

Separates the body of its soul

If a soul is sick, Ayahuasca rids it of its shell, denies the contact with it.

Ayahuasca shoes the origin and location of the sickness, and will whisper to us the chants and Icaros needed to expel it.

And if a body is sick, Ayahuasca does the same.

She separates the body from its soul, so it cannot rot the soul.

She also shows the roots that connect the spiritual body with the material soul: distant, separated, until flesh can reincarnate in the very heart of health.

And all of that, that is apparently nothing, is everything.

There are gifts, powers, commands, roots, and beverages.

Barks that are useful for this and that, certain types of rain that can be drunk and certain kinds of stones

How to use and prepare them? Ayahuasca knows.

This is what she teaches us, but only if the body and soul deserve it

Every time you know how to call Ayahuasca, with urgency and respect, there is no mistake, no miracle, not before, not after Ayahuasca.

There are things we deserve to know, there are things we deserve to ignore. Everything is about deserving.

Every time you call on Ayahuasca, and done correctly, everything is possible.

For even the ashes turn into water when a thirsty man kisses them