Program: Spiritual Retreats and Ayahuasca Diets in Cusco

Sacred Valley of the Incas Cusco


Wanamey carries out “Spiritual Retreats and Diets with Ayahuascain Cusco for four days. The participants will have the opportunity to know and experience the goods of the Amazonic traditional medicine, especially those of Ayahuasca, the mother plant; this way, the participants will initiate their personal journey to harmony, physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health.

The retreats are designed for those who want serious and reflexive links with the Master Healing Plants. The participants must have deep motivations to heal their bodies and discover the path to self growth and spiritual balance. We ask the participants for will, patience and faith, for it is through these principles that we will reach a harmonic relationship with Mother Nature, so we can grow with “Our feet on the ground and our heads in the sky”.

The retreats are carried out with no more than five people at the same time. These retreats imply integration, consultations and personalized guidance. We demand discipline and commitment before and during the retreat, especially with the given restrictions about food (low in salt and sugar), the fasting and resting hours.

Objectives of the Spiritual Retreat with Ayahuasca:

  • Physical and spiritual cleanse
  • Lineament of our spiritual body
  • Treatments for ailments in general
  • Personal evolution – self-discovery
  • Induction to relaxation through self-observation of our being
  • Techniques to surpass and to conquer our fears, phobias and states of panic
  • Discover the reasons of our ailments and how to heal ourselves

During the Spiritual Retreat the following activities will be developed:

Purification rituals with plants and tobacco, the plants will be drunk and the black tobacco powder will be blown into the nostrils of the participant.

Purification rituals

Purifying baths based in aromatic and medicinal plants

Ingestion of infusions of medicinal plants

Two ceremonies of Ayahuasca will take place. “Ayahuasca is called Doctor because she heals, Teacher because she teaches and Mother because she guides. Ayahuasca grants power, knowledge and wisdom.

We will have chats about the “Traditional Amazonic and Andean Medicine”

Preparation Diet

“Shamanism and Ayahuasca are disciplined and strict methods to obtain healing, power and personal growth”.

In order to learn from the Master Healing Plants, our bodies will have to be purified and harmonized. The participant must fulfil the following recommendations seven days before attending the Retreat:

Reduce the excess of sugar, salt and red pepper in their food

Do not eat meat, specially red meats and pig.

Do not drink coffee or sodas

Sexual abstention

The consumption of drugs and alcohol before and during the Retreat is forbidden

Consider the following counter indications:

Menstruating or pregnant women and people with heart problems cannot be part of the ritual of Ayahuasca.

Before being part of our Retreats, you must fulfil the following requirements:

Have mental, physical and emotional growth

Send a letter explaining your desires of being part of the Retirement

Fill out your Personal Information Sheet

We’ll be waiting for you to communicate with us.